Get Rid of Stubborn Body Fat with Liposuction

Liposuction is an effective way to remove stubborn body fat from traditional trouble spots on the body and improve your appearance. It targets stubborn areas such as the abdomen, thighs, upper arms and neck, using suction to break up and remove fatty tissue.

Lipsuction is commonly used to help with:

  • Mommy Makeovers
  • Breast Augmentations
  • Turkey neck and more.

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    Liposuction Targets Stubborn Body Fat On

    Abdomen & Buttocks

    Upper Arms

    Chest & Back

    Thighs & Legs

    Chin & Neck

    Your Standards Are In Our Specialists’ Hands

    GraceMed believes that Liposuction is successful when we make you feel naturally beautiful. Our highly trained plastic surgeons have undergone in-depth training for our clinics to ensure that your high standards are met with care.

    While not a complete solution to weight loss, Liposuction offers a method to shed remnants of undesirable fat to reveal your new fit, attractive figure. Liposuction fends off the lack of self-esteem and confidence that these fat deposits bring with them.

    Read on how our clients were extremely satisfied with their experience with GraceMed!

    We Make You Look Good & Feel Confident

    GraceMed is dedicated to providing a personalized and diligent approach to every patient we treat. Our specialists offer custom-tailored services for each of our patient’s needs, body type and personal goals. Our goal is to guide and educate our patients through experience, best practices, and customer service.

    We are the leading innovators for our procedures that delivers consistent results that provide the best possible outcomes while ensuring you feel confident after your procedure with us.

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    02:12 26 Apr 23
    After disappointment at the lack of communication at another plastic surgery clinic, we contacted GraceMed (Briarwood)... to see if they could take me on as a patient for delayed breast reconstruction. Could not be happier we made that phone call. Vanessa on the phone and in person is so friendly, welcoming and efficient.I had the pleasure of having Dr. Waltho as my plastic surgeon. With great success, he performed a latissimus dorsi flap on my right side and balanced out the left side with a very natural looking breast augmentation. I would highly recommend Dr. Waltho, he is highly skilled, honest, personable and has the best bedside manner I have ever more
    Tania Stadnik
    Tania Stadnik
    16:31 25 Apr 23
    Great experience. Welcoming from the moment you walk in through to any treatment I have had there. The team is super... knowledgeable but not more
    14:49 17 Mar 23
    I had an amazing chemical peel with Katey who took excellent care of my skin. The GraceMed/Briarwood team is very... professional and attentive. Highly recommend!read more
    Lena Bassford
    Lena Bassford
    17:46 06 Dec 22
    So happy with surgery performed by Dr. Daniel Waltho. He is a great listener, incredibly skilled and takes time to... ensure your comfort level. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Grace Medical and Dr more
    Susan Spiegelhalter
    Susan Spiegelhalter
    23:11 23 Sep 22
    I have been a patient of Dr Browns since 1999, nothing but amazing results and great service. I see Jenni and she is an... absolute artist when it comes to injectables! Vanessa is always so professional, however; so warm and welcoming every time I enter the clinic!Safe, Clean, friendly professional service every time! Love my results each more
    Nat Szer
    Nat Szer
    18:37 21 Aug 22
    I recently had a minor surgery done with Dr. Shortt. My experience at GraceMed Birarwood was wonderful. Dr. Shortt and... his team are very kind and professional. I am very happy with how the surgery went and my more
    steve vallay
    steve vallay
    16:05 31 May 22
    Great cosmetic work if you want something simple (Botox). Beware if you want anything beyond simple (fillers, sculptra)... and something goes wrong, you will be left to pay additional and unexpected fees to correct a poor outcome, or just live with the terrible result. You will be left hanging and the clinic won't accept any responsibility - none at all.Ask upfront about prolonged downtime, and what the clinic is responsible for should you have a negative outcome. It is your face afterall. Suffice to say I had a poor outcome and was lied to about the prognosis, and then paid even more in attempt to fix it. When that didn't work, the clinic wanted me pay more yet again for more product to fix what should have never happened. Seems to be the theme at this clinic to have you chase the outcome you were sold on with repeated visits and $$. Surprisingly poor care. Now you more
    D Tedesco
    D Tedesco
    18:37 29 Mar 21
    Dr. Brown is an amazing surgeon that is kind, caring and compassionate. He takes the time to fully explain the... procedure, listening and answering all questions while giving you his full attention. On multiple occasions, both pre and post op, Dr. Brown made me feel completely comfortable by allowing me to ask as many questions as I wanted. He provides quality, detailed feed back and is genuinely interested in ensuring you are happy with your procedure in order to receive the best results possible. His staff is so friendly and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Dr. Brown to anyone looking for a skilled cosmetic surgeon that treats their patients with respect. The customer service at Briarwood Cosmetic Surgical Centre is more
    sharon smith
    sharon smith
    19:12 12 Nov 20
    I feel it is so important for me to share how absolutely amazing the entire staff is at Briarwood Cosmetic Surgical... Centre.All of the staff have been exceptionally professional and truly kind and caring. If you are thinking about surgery, I have been fortunate enough to have been a patient with Dr. Brown who is satisfied only when you are satisfied!!His work is meticulous!!I have had Botox and fillers from Jenny who is an artist with a heart of gold!I have had an aggressive IPL treatment with Julie where I was extremely nervous and her touch was so gentle yet effective! I honestly felt like I was her mom in the way she treated my face with such care !!!I want to also mention the entire staff.When you call every single employee who manages appointments and general questions seems like a kind and caring friend!!I would never go anywhere else!Very, very impressed each and every time !!Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!read more
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    Considering This Procedure?

    What does liposuction commonly look like?

    There are a few different types of liposuction available. Each technique has its merits and having an open conversation with a board-certified plastic surgeon will help determine which is right for you.

    However, almost all liposuction methods involve safely and carefully infiltrating a solution of saline, epinephrine and lidocaine into the fat prior to aspirating/sucking out the fat. This standard of care applies to just about all liposuction cases.

    The more common type of liposuction is power-assisted liposuction, which involves the insertion of a very small, thin tube called a cannula to break apart the fat by vibrating very rapidly. The fat is then suctioned from the body. This is typically a quicker and more precise method of liposuction.

    How long will it take to recover?

    Recovery varies from one person to the next, but in general, most people can return to desk work and light activities within a week or so after treatment. You may experience swelling and discomfort for a bit longer than this, and you will be advised not to perform any strenuous exercise for at least a month.

    It’s important to follow all post-op guidelines closely to minimize recovery time and prevent any complications from arising.

    Which Body Areas can be treated by Liposuction?

    The most frequently treated areas for women are the abdomen, breasts, hips, outer thighs, anterior thighs, inner thighs, knees, arms, buttocks, cheeks and neck. In men, who comprise about 15% to 25% of liposuction patients, the most commonly treated areas include the chin and neck area, abdomen, flanks (“love-handles”), and breasts.

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