Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

A fat transfer breast augmentation uses liposuction to extract fat from another part of your body, purify the fat, and then inject it into the breasts. This procedure adds modest fullness to breasts and is a natural solution. Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is available in our Downtown Burlington and North York locations.

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What is Fat Transfer
Breast Augmentation?

Fat transfer breast augmentation primarily uses liposuction to take fat from different areas of your body and re-injects it into your breasts. This option is ideal for women who prefer not to have an implant in their body or looking for a modest increase in breast size and prefer a natural outcome. Fat transfer is a great alternative for patients who are concerned that their body may not accept a foreign material. Since the fat is natural to you, there is no chance the fat will be rejected by the body.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Candidates

Candidates for fat transfer augmentation are patients who are looking for a moderate increase in breast size without the need for implants. In most people, there are unwanted pockets of fat in the abdomen, hips/thighs where fat can be removed and harvested to inject into your breasts.

Fat transfer breast augmentation offers moderate natural transformation and improvement of the breasts. Ideal candidates for this procedure have a good existing natural shape, symmetry, and good skin elasticity. Patients with heavy or sagging breasts, excess skin, and noticeable asymmetric breasts, or looking for an increase in size would be candidates for breast augmentations or a breast lift. In some cases, fat injection can be integrated with a smaller-sized breast implant to achieve a great outcome.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Procedure

The fat transfer breast augmentation procedure takes between 2-3 hours approximately. In some cases this time can vary based on the complexity of the cause, fat harvesting, and body type. After a comprehensive consultation with one of our GraceMed surgeons, the surgeon will be able to lay the groundwork and details of the procedure and the approximate time it will require based on your individual needs.

Fat transfer is referred to as a natural augmentation, known for its successful outcomes via the Brazilian butt lift procedure. Undesirable deposits of fat are liposuctioned from the patient, the fat is harvested and purified, and re-injected into the breasts. Before the fat transfer breast augmentation, a liposuction procedure will be performed first. Fat is primarily harvested from the stomach or thighs. Specialized syringes will be used to inject the breasts with small amounts of the harvested fat into targeted areas identified by the surgeon. Distributing the fat evenly across the breasts helps ensure the fat will survive with positive outcomes. However, an excess of fat will be injected to overcompensate for projected loss which is completely common. The outcome of the fat transfer breast augmentation is moderate fullness and balance of the breast and hip contours.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Recovery

A positive advantage of a fat transfer breast augmentation is it’s much less invasive and the recovery time much quicker. Recovery following the procedure typically takes 2-4 days, but we recommend that patients take at least one week off work and/or from rigorous work or life activities.

Initial recovery may be quick but your breasts will continue to be swollen for a few weeks following the surgery. It will take some time before the transferred fat is fully amalgamated into your breasts and becomes naturally integrated. In time, the swelling in your breasts decreases and breasts will become softer.

Generally, most people who have this procedure are happy – A Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation has an 89% “Worth It” rating on RealSelf.

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Locations where this procedure is offered

North York

1333 Sheppard Ave E, Unit 345
North York, ON M2J 1V1
Closest intersection: Sheppard & Leslie
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Downtown Burlington

481 John Street Ste. 200,
Burlington, ON, L7R 2K8
Closest intersection: John St & Maria St
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Commonly Asked Questions

What are the benefits over a Breast Augmentation?

A Fat Transfer for Breast Enhancement procedure creates beautifully modest enhanced breasts that are completely natural to you. Breasts will look and feel completely natural using your own bioidentical fat tissues.

What are the disadvantages of a fat transfer breast augmentation?

Results are not entirely predictable as the material is inherently organic.  A 400 cc implant is going to result in a 400 cc larger breast. With this procedure results depend on how much of the transferred fat survives in it’s new location. GraceMed surgeons are highly fastidious and skilled with the proper skills required for a successful fat transfer and we see an above average success rate with long-lasting results.

How long will my fat transfer results “last”?

Success of the transferred fat depends on the experience, skill and experience of your surgeon. When harvested and purified correctly, fat transfer should be permanent. Sometimes touch-up procedures are necessary.