Rachel Dance

Medical Aesthetician

  • 5 Years Experience


Rachel Dance is a certified medical aesthetician serving both the GraceMed Midtown Oakville and Downtown Toronto locations.

She is passionate about creating customized treatment plans that help get her patients excited about achieving their healthiest and best-looking skin. Rachel’s personalized programs, in-clinic treatments and at-home care are all centred around maintaining a professional, patient-centric environment. This results in quality, long-lasting results, and relationships, that leave patients feeling confident and cared for.

“My passion derives from my own personal patient experience with GraceMed. I had an extreme case of cystic acne and started my skincare journey at the Oakville Dermatology Centre, which sparked my passion and drive for the industry. Dr. Kent Taylor oversaw my care through the entire process, always checking in and ensuring I felt educated and aligned on my end goals. It was the only place where I felt cared for and not judged. Out in the day-to-day world, I faced ridicule and unhelpful comments on my appearance, which forever changed her perspective on skin. I decided to pursue my career as a medical aesthetician to help others feel less alone and hopeless when it came to caring for their skin. My goal has always been to help others feel hopeful and find confidence in their appearance again. I now proudly and happily work at the same clinic that supported me through my time of need, helping others on their own skincare journey.”

  • Educational Background

    Rachel has been in the cosmetic industry for 5 years. She completed several certifications in medical aesthetic treatments, including multiple types of lasers, microdermabrasion, microneedling, chemical peels, product knowledge, skin therapies, RF, HF, and medical-grade facials. Rachel continues to gain education on the newest and improved technological advances and procedures to maintain up-to-date industry knowledge, allowing her to provide the best results for her patients.

    In Rachel’s downtime, she tends to listen to podcasts featuring medical leaders from all over the world, watching TED talks or horror movies, spending time with her two bunnies Mishu and Mochi and going for runs on a beautiful trail.

Rachel's Specialties

Having an extensive understanding of skin health but driven to refine her practice, Rachel works alongside other GraceMed industry leaders, such as Dr. Stephen Brown and Dr. Rodger Shortt, as well as Registered Nurse injector Jenny De Ruiter (Briarwood Location) and Lisa LaCaprara (Toronto location).

As a result, Rachel can provide her patients with customized and expert treatment plans using cutting-edge technology, industry expert advice and the very best in medical grade skincare.

Some of Rachel’s interests and specialties include: microdermabrasion, microneedling, chemical peels, product knowledge, skin therapies, RF, HF, medical-grade facials and multiple types of lasers.