Reverse the signs of aging.  Get lasting results.  All customized to your unique skin type and needs.

What is Potenza™?

Potenza™ RF Microneedling technology performs like no serum or filler ever could, safely stimulating your skin’s collagen and elastin levels over a series of treatments to treat the advanced signs of aging, anywhere on the face and body, with the help of radiofrequency heat.

This revolutionary microneedling treatment is a non-surgical and non-invasive way to bring out the best in your skin for years to come, making Potenza™ the perfect solution for anyone looking for tighter and firmer skin while minimizing blemishes and the common signs of aging.

How Potenza™ delivers firmer, more radiant, youthful looking skin.

With the use of ultra-fine needles and FDA-approved radiofrequency (RF) heat energy, Potenza™ helps trigger the body’s natural healing process, resulting in the regeneration of new collagen and elastin – the building blocks of smooth, supple and healthy skin.

Where this treatment differs from traditional microneedling is through the use of radiofrequency heat and the choice of 16 unique tip options to deliver either monopolar or bipolar wavelength deeper into the skin, based on skin type and needs. This gives each of our patients a fully customized treatment from needle tip to pulse duration.

Patients who are already enjoying the benefits of Potenza™ report experiencing a more radiant and clear complexion with a fast healing process and minimal downtime. This results in more dramatic, visible and faster results than with traditional microneedling treatments alone.

“ I loved my Potenza treatment. The GraceMed staff were mindful in discussing my concerns and goals and I found the procedure to be very tolerable with minimal recovery time. Other than being slightly red the next day as expected, my skin is already looking and feeling better! It was my first time having this procedure done and it exceeded my expectations. Can’t wait to go back for my next session”- Heather

Potenza™ is for all skin types.

A good candidate for the Potenza™ microneedling treatment is anyone who wants to address fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead or around the eyes, texture irregularities on the skin, tightening of the skin, uneven skin tone from sun damage or damage caused by acne scars and stretch marks. You may be an ideal candidate for this procedure if you’re in good health and have certain skin concerns that haven’t responded to home treatments or other types of dermatologic procedures.

Candidates are those who:

  • Have concerns with skin texture.
  • Experience loss of elasticity on the skin.
  • Want to minimize the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Are looking to improve dull and damaged skin.
  • Are looking to reduce the depth of acne scars
  • Are looking to dramatically increase the effectiveness of their at home skin care routine.
  • Are generally looking to revitalize, rejuvenate and tighten the skin.

The Potenza™ microneedling procedure.

Potenza™ RF Microneedling is a non-invasive treatment that can be performed on any part of the face or body that takes only about 45 minutes. To ensure your comfort, your medical technician will provide the option for a topical numbing ointment, which takes about 30-60 minutes to take effect prior to treatment.

Over the recommended course of 3-6 treatments, the needles in the microneedling pen gently penetrate the skin to create controlled, safe and temporary damage to your dermis (similar to aerating your lawn). This triggers your body’s natural healing response to regenerate collagen and re-form smoother, healthier and brighter skin in its place.

Based on your skin type and individual needs your medical technician can control the depth and intensity of your treatment, allowing for a patient experience tailored to you for optimal results.

What to expect:

  • A personal consultation allows us to better understand your expectations as well as your skin condition and thus build a personalized treatment plan to suit your needs.
  • After makeup removal and cleansing of the skin, a topical numbing cream is applied 30 minutes prior to the treatment.
  • Once numb, the microneedling tip is placed on the outer layer of the skin and treatment begins.
  • Microneedles then penetrate the tissue at different depths, depending on the treatment.
  • Radiofrequency (RF) energy is directly applied to the target area.
  • Collagen remodeling and elastin strengthening begins. This is where the body’s natural repair process is triggered, resulting in the building of new collagen and elastin over a series of treatments for optimal results.

Potenza™ microneedling recovery.

There is minimal downtime with Potenza™. Most patients experience a recovery time of 1-3 days with minimal to no discomfort and can resume work and social activities immediately after treatment. Skin improvements are typically seen 1 week after each treatment and can last up to 5 years. 3-6 sessions are needed for optimal results, which may vary per patient.

What to expect:

  • Mild redness after treatment, lasting a few hours and up to 3 days.
  • Possible swelling for a few hours up to several days.
  • Tingling sensation that disappears within 2 days.
  • Temporary pinpoint bleeding* on the surface of the skin can be expected with deeper treatments.

*Bleeding is temporary and is typically resolved by the end of the patient’s visit.

Results: Typically, you will see an overall brightness of the skin 1-week post-treatment, but the true magic of Potenza’s long-lasting results will be seen anywhere from 3-5 months after your final treatment. This is because it takes up to this long for collagen and elastin to rebuild and show on the more superficial layers of the skin.

Potenza™ Overview:

Anesthesia: Topical numbing cream for 45-60 minutes
Procedure duration: 45 minutes
Recovery time: 1 to 3 days
Results: Up to 5 years.
Treatments required for best results: 3-6 sessions
Located at the following locations: GraceMed Midtown Oakville/Briarwood

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Commonly Asked Questions

Is this treatment right for me?

If you have concerns with skin texture, appearance, or loss of elasticity anywhere on the face and body, Potenza™ is for you. Whether it’s reducing acne scars, tightening abdominal skin or minimizing the appearance of stretch marks, the Potenza™ microneedling treatment improves all skin types, anytime of year. Please contact your local GraceMed clinic to see if this treatment could be right for you.

When will I see results?

Most patients will start to see some improvement 1-week post-treatment; however, the elastin and collagen building typically takes place 3 months after treatment. 3-6 sessions are needed for optimal results and can last up to 5 years. Results may vary depending on each client’s unique skin conditions and needs.

Why Potenza™ versus traditional microneedling?

Potenza™ is unique in that it delivers focused radiofrequency (RF) technology to heat the skin in combination with using standard microneedling technology. Much like traditional microneedling, Potenza™ uses ultra-fine needles that rapidly move to penetrate and encourage healing of the skin. Where this treatment differs from traditional microneedling is as this happens the machine also uses radiofrequency energy to deliver either a monopolar or bipolar wavelength, adding heat deep into the layers of the skin. This stimulates significant collagen and elastin production far more effectively than microneedling alone.

Does the Potenza™ microneedling treatment hurt?

The Potenza™ treatment is well-tolerated, with some patients experiencing limited discomfort or side effects such as pinpoint bleeding, swelling, redness or mild irritation, which is normal. As pain tolerance varies from patient to patient, numbing cream will be offered by your physician to make the experience more comfortable. If you’re a sensitive skin type or have any concerns, your clinic physician can help provide you with options.

What are the potential side effects:

Although rare, some side effects post-treatment could include:

– Infection
– Swelling
– Pigmentary changes
– Folliculitis
– Prolonged grid mark

These symptoms generally clear up within 2 to 3 days after treatment.

How much does this treatment cost?

The Potenza™ microneedling treatment ranges from $800- $1,250.00 per session based on each patient’s skin type and needs, with packages available for multiple treatments.

Learn more with a consultation.

As with any aesthetic treatment, a consultation with one of our experts is always the best place to start. Our complimentary and comprehensive skin consultations are where our medical skin specialists will assess your skin and develop a customized treatment plan designed to address your unique skin concerns and conditions.


If you are interested in how the Potenza™ RF Microneedling treatments may be able to help you, call your local GraceMed clinic or complete this online form to book your free consultation.