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Karen Kirkpatrick

Pre & Post Operative Nurse


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Karen Kirkpatrick is a dedicated and compassionate healthcare professional with a rich background in nursing.

Karen’s professional journey has been marked by her dedication to patient care. She has been associated with Joseph Brant Hospital since 2009, where she continues to practice as casual staff. Her commitment to healthcare extends beyond the borders as well. Karen embarked on a transformative journey with eight weeks of nursing clinical hours in Uganda through an international program. During her time in Uganda, she worked tirelessly in various healthcare settings, including the Regional Hospital, Midwifery/Pediatric Hospital, TASO AIDS Organization, and Outreach program. This experience not only enriched her nursing skills but also allowed her to contribute to underserved communities on a global scale.

  • Educational Background

    Karen embarked on her nursing journey in 2009, marking a significant career transition after spending over a decade in the hospitality industry. Her passion for nursing and a desire to make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives led her to pursue this new path. Over the years, Karen has honed her skills and expertise, particularly in the field of surgical nursing.

    She earned her Practical Nursing Diploma from Sheridan College in 2008, laying a strong foundation for her nursing career. To further her knowledge and specialization in perioperative nursing, Karen pursued a Perioperative Nursing Certificate from Mohawk College in 2019.

  • About

    Beyond her professional achievements, Karen is a loving mother of three boys. She understands the importance of balance in life and cherishes moments of relaxation, laughter, and quality time with her family and friends. Her dedication to her family mirrors her commitment to patient care, making her a compassionate and empathetic caregiver.