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TORONTOOct. 19, 2022 /CNW/ – As the demand for cosmetic procedures in Canada rises, Gracemed, Canada’s foremost leader in dermatology, plastic surgery and medical aesthetics, announces the exciting acquisition of 3 new medical cosmetic clinics, including Silhouette Cosmetic Laser Clinic, Royal Centre of Plastic Surgery, and MDx3 Medical Aesthetic Clinic The addition of these 3 clinics now totals 11 clinics and over 25 physicians for the growing company’s portfolio, now extending to geographies beyond the GTA.

The recent acquisitions position GraceMed as a leading consolidator in the cosmetic surgery, dermatology and medical aesthetics industry with future plans to rapidly expand across Canada and the United States.

GraceMed’s goal is simple: to build collegial networks of highly skilled physicians and nurses through the acquisition of best-in-class medical cosmetic practices. In addition, GraceMed will offer medical aesthetic providers the highest-quality training and medical oversight. This will foster the significant growth of GraceMed, but more importantly, raise the bar for medical cosmetic standards, promote patient and provider education, and allow for quality patient care embedded in confidence and trust.

This model has been highly acclaimed by the distinguished medical practitioners who have recently joined the GraceMed fold, including internationally renowned plastic surgeon and medical aesthetics key opinion leader, Dr. Claudio DeLorenzi, MD, FRCS, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Kenneth Dickie, MD, FRCS, dermatology diplomat and aesthetic specialist Dr. Lynn Calvert, and aesthetic medicine specialist Dr. Andrea Meneses.

“We are honored to partner with a leading industry expert like GraceMed to provide groundbreaking, innovative solutions in technology and patient care,” says Dr. Claudio DeLorenzi, MD, FRCS of Silhouette Cosmetic Laser Clinic. “A stellar partnership such as this will help ensure excellent results for our patients and unparalleled training for our providers.”

“All partners represent the values that are most important to GraceMed: to educate and present patients with individualized treatment options while providing excellent results; and to offer an unrivaled standard of patient care that is led by world-class physicians,” says Founder and Chairman of GraceMed, Dr. Douglas Grace. Heather Shantora, President and CEO of GraceMed has achieved success in both U.S. and Canadian healthcare roll-ups over the last decade, and understands that success comes from partnering with the best in the business. “I am thrilled to welcome these new partners into the GraceMed fold, where caring for their patients and practitioners will be our top priority,” ‘says Shantora. “I am confident that our focus on the people-element of the business has been the key to my past success in rapidly scaling profitable healthcare businesses. I am confident this will be what differentiates GraceMed going forward and sets the benchmark for success in our industry.”

GraceMed is committed to expanding its network of high-performing clinics across North America to promote consistent quality results, hence increasing the standard of care within the industry.

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