Vitiligo is a condition which causes white patches on the skin due to pigment-producing cells dying. GraceMed offers treatments that aim to slow progression and help mitigate the appearance of vitiligo.

GraceMed | Vitiligo | Burlington - Oakville - Mississauga - Toronto
GraceMed | Vitiligo | Burlington - Oakville - Mississauga - Toronto

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo occurs when there is damage to the cells which are responsible for producing pigment in the skin. The lack of pigment results in white patches. There are two types of vitiligo:


    • Appears in one location of the body (example: face, arm, or leg)
    • May also experience loss in some hair colour (head, eyelash, or eyebrow)
    • Commonly seen at a young age
    • Often progresses for a year or two before stopping


    • Most common
    • Appears on both sides of the body (symmetrical) 
    • Commonly begins on feet, hands, wrists, or around the eyes or mouth
    • Progression may start and stop in cycles
    • Affected area gradually increases

Vitiligo Causes

Vitiligo affects millions of individuals worldwide, and can develop at any age; though it commonly appears before the age of 21. The condition is not contagious and the cause is unknown, though it may be connected to an autoimmune disease, family heredity, or an event such as a sunburn, exposure to chemicals, or stress. 

Can Vitiligo be Cured?

Right now, there is no known cure for vitiligo.

Vitiligo Treatment Options

GraceMed offers vitiligo treatment to slow progression of the condition, as well as cosmetic treatments to help reduce the appearance of white patches.

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