Dr. Sarah DiMunno

Naturopathic Doctor (ND) practicing in women’s health conditions like irregular menstrual cycles and menopause.

Dr. Sarah DiMunno, ND works with you to identify hormonal imbalances as the root cause of your symptoms. With the goal of ensuring your overall wellness, Dr. DiMunno helps women to manage stress, increase energy, and live their very best lives!

Dr. Sarah DiMunno is a Naturopathic Doctor that empowers you to take care of your health first. She graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine recognizing the importance of integrative medicine. She was selected to complete additional training in reproductive health further fueling her interest in this area. Aside from treating women’s health conditions like irregular menstrual cycles and menopause, she really enjoys helping women improve their overall health including managing stress, easing digestion, and boosting energy.

Dr. DiMunno (ND) does this through thorough assessments and individualized treatment plans specifically designed to create the optimal health conditions for you. Treatment plans typically focus on strengthening the foundations of health using evidence based medicine. More specifically this can include counselling, nutritional advice, TCM acupuncture, botanicals, and lots of self-care by you! Any recommendations she makes will take into consideration your personal lifestyle to ensure these changes are realistic and sustainable.

Areas of Expertise

Functional Medicine

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

Functional Medicine

Hormone Testing

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