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Rosacea (Redness) is a common chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes redness or flushing in the face. GraceMed offers treatment options to reduce the appearance of rosacea.

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What is

Rosacea is a common skin condition that appears as persistent redness or flushing in the face. It is commonly seen on the nose and cheeks but can also spread to the forehead, chin, ears, chest and back. The skin can become very dry and burn, sting or itch, and small bumps may appear.

There are four main subtypes of rosacea, which each have their own characteristics:

Erythemato-telangiectatic rosacea is defined by flushing and redness which may not always be present, and is sometimes experienced with swelling, burning, stinging, roughness and visible red blood vessels.

  • Papulopustular rosacea is characterized by persistent redness and bumps that appear similar to acne.
  • Phymatous rosacea often occurs on the nose and causes skin tissue to be enlarged and bumpy.
  • Ocular rosacea may affect the eyes and eyelids, causing redness, burning, stinging, dryness, sensitivity to light, blurred vision or watery, bloodshot eyes.

Rosacea often develops between the ages of 30 and 50, and is more common among women and those with fair skin. The condition has a significant social and psychological impact. Successful treatment of symptoms and conditions can greatly improve rosacea’s psychosocial implications.

Rosacea Causes

Rosacea often find that their condition will flare up in response to triggers such as certain foods, alcohol, changes in weather, overexertion, stress, or medications. Although the exact cause of rosacea has not been determined, the condition can be controlled and the redness greatly reduced. Without intervention, rosacea will likely continue to worsen as a person ages.

Rosacea Treatment

GraceMed offers treatment options to reduce the appearance of rosacea.

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