Brittany Klein

Nurse Injector


Tel (226) 705-1036


150 Edna St, Kitchener,
ON N2H 6S1, Canada
Closest intersection: Fredrick & Edna

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Woman smiling during injectable treatment


Brittany is a Registered Nurse with a natural eye for aesthetics and a passion for patient care.

Brittany’s commitment to natural results, her multimodal approach to injectable treatments, her dedication to patient education, and her passion for positive aging and skincare make her an exceptional practitioner who positively impacts the lives of our patients every day.

  • Educational Background

    Brittany’s educational background is a testament to her unwavering pursuit of knowledge and excellence. She completed her Practical Nursing Diploma at Conestoga College in 2014, and her thirst for learning led her to further her education with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from McMaster University in 2017.

  • Professional Background

    With over 5 years of experience in Pediatric Critical Care Emergency Department, Brittany has honed her skills as a compassionate and skilled caregiver. Her time as a Charge Nurse in the ED and her work in Pediatric Community home care as an RPN have equipped her with invaluable expertise in patient care, ensuring the utmost comfort and well-being of those under her care.

Brittany’s Specialties

Brittany's exceptional leadership skills, honed through her experience as a Charge RN, contribute to her ability to guide her patients through their aesthetic journey with confidence and care. Furthermore, her expertise in venipuncture showcases her dexterity and precision in performing various procedures.