Get Rid of Acne

AviClear is the first and only FDA-cleared and Health Canada-approved device that treats mild to severe acne.  Not only will it reduce existing acne, but it can also mean that future breakout episodes are shorter, less intense, and less frequent.

This acne treatment is only available at our Kerr Village Clinic in Oakville. For more information, please call us at (905) 291-7114.

How AviClear Removes Acne

This laser is the first of its kind! It can treat all skin tones, no matter how minor or major a patient’s breakouts may be. It works by selectively targeting and suppressing the sebaceous glands, which produce the oily substance on the skin that can cause and intensify breakouts.

Clear Skin That Lasts

AviClear significantly eliminates acne in three, quick 30-minute treatment sessions.​

Unlike most acne treatments, AviClear is chemical-free with no harmful side effects and no prescription required. It is a safe, comfortable experience that delivers long-term results. ​

The treatment can be delivered year-round. It delivers lasting results that improve over time.

Acne Treatment for All Skin Types!

AviClear is safe for all skin types and tones. It is suitable for adolescents and adults, treating mild, moderate, and severe acne with no harmful side effects.

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Locations where this procedure is offered

Kerr Village Oakville

135 Brant Street
Oakville, ON, L6K 2Z8
Closest intersection: Brant & Rebecca
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