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Aging Hands

The skin on hands is often exposed to external elements throughout daily activities. Premature hand aging can occur as the skin’s texture and hydration changes, and skin damage becomes more evident. Get smooth, youthful hands, and get rid of brown spots and wrinkles, with the advanced cosmetic hand treatments offered at GraceMed.

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Age Spots and Wrinkles
on Hands

The skin on hands may appear aged more rapidly than other areas of skin. This is because of their constant exposure to external elements on a daily basis. Sun exposure, cuts, chemicals, temperature and weather changes can cause damage to the skin. In addition to these external elements, the natural aging process causes the skin to lose its elasticity, become thin, and veins to become more visible. These damages and changes to the fragile skin may also cause pigment changes and wrinkles. 

How Can I Improve My Hand Appearance?

Although some hand aging is a part of the natural aging process, it is possible to prevent and improve hand appearance. To reduce the risk of exposure to UV radiation, it is recommended to use sunscreen on the hands while in the sun. Hand washing often can also disrupt the skin’s natural balance which results in dehydrated hands. To prevent this, a gentle soap with moisturizing properties is recommended. Rubber gloves can be used while washing dishes, cleaning, or any other activities that require the hands to be exposed to chemicals that may stress the skin.

To improve hand appearance, a regular skin care routine can be highly beneficial. These products can help regenerate healthy skin, restore hydration, and prevent premature hand aging.

Anti-aging Treatments for Hands

Get smooth, youthful hands and get rid of brown spots and wrinkles on the hands with advanced cosmetic hand treatments offered at GraceMed.

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