Anti-Aging Treatments for Hands

The skin on hands is often exposed to external elements throughout daily activities. Premature hand aging can occur as the skin’s texture and hydration changes, and skin damage becomes more evident. Get smooth, youthful hands, and get rid of brown spots and wrinkles, with the advanced cosmetic hand treatments offered at GraceMed.

Age Spots and Wrinkles
on Hands

The skin on our hands is vulnerable and often exposed to external elements while we go about our daily activities. Premature hand aging can result in visible changes to the hands including wrinkles, thinning skin, crepey skin texture, brown spots and visible veins.  GraceMed offers advanced cosmetic treatments that can treat aging hands, and restore youthful healthy skin. 

The skin on our hands tends to age more rapidly than other areas of the body, due to the fact that the skin is naturally thinner, with less fat beneath the surface.  Visible aging occurs when the hands are repeatedly exposed to external elements: sun, chemicals, abrasions, temperature extremes, and weather changes...This, along with the natural aging process, causes the skin to lose collagen and elasticity, becoming thinner and resulting in more visible veins. These damages to the skin may also cause pigment changes (brown spots) and wrinkles.  

How Can I Improve My Hand Appearance?

 Although some hand aging is a part of the natural aging process, it is possible to prevent and improve hand appearance. To reduce the risk of exposure to UV radiation, sunscreen should be applied to the hands daily, especially when driving.Since frequent hand washing can disrupt the skin’s natural moisture barrier and cause dehydration, a gentle soap with moisturizing properties is recommended. Gloves may also be used while washing dishes, cleaning, driving, or during any other activities that may expose the skin to water, chemicals, or sun. 

To improve hand appearance, a targeted skin care routine using medical-grade products can be highly beneficial. These products can help smooth skin texture, reduce pigmentationimprove hydration, and restore healthy skin function.. 

Anti-aging Treatments for Hands

 Younger, healthier hands can be restored with a variety of advanced treatments available at GraceMed, most of which have little to no recovery time. Laser and light treatments such as BBL™ can remove brown spots and improve overall skin texture.  Dermal fillers can replace lost volume under the skin, making veins less visible.  Skin tightening treatments such as Exilis Ultra can increase collagen production and improve skin laxity on the back of the hands. A consultation with one of our skin experts will help determine your best options for improving the look of your hands. 

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