GraceMed Botox

With a satisfaction rating of over 95%, Botox Cosmetic® has become the most popular cosmetic treatment in North America, with an estimated three million treatments performed annually. Why? Results! There is simply no face cream or serum that can achieve what Botox can for wrinkles. In addition to its wrinkle-smoothing effects, many younger patients are now choosing Botox to help prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place.

If you are considering Botox for the first time, it is completely normal to have reservations. Whether it’s a fear of looking “overdone”, or a misunderstanding of how the product actually works, it can be enough for someone to put off treatment for years. Hopefully, this article will answer your questions and ease your fears about Botox. In fact, you may ask yourself why you waited so long to try it out.

Simply put, Botox is a purified protein that temporarily weakens muscles. When used cosmetically, it is indicated for wrinkles that are caused by repeated facial expression (muscle movement) – in particular, frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. When administered by an experienced injector, the results from Botox give a naturally refreshed appearance.

Botox injections may also be used as a therapeutic treatment for migraines, eye spasms, overactive bladder, and excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). In fact, Botox was used medically long before it was ever approved as a cosmetic treatment.

Day of your appointment

You will want to make sure you are feeling well (no cold or flu), and that you are not pregnant or nursing. Your visit will begin with a consultation with your treatment provider – a doctor or nurse who has been specifically trained in cosmetic injections. This will give you an opportunity to ask questions and discuss what type of results you are looking for. You will also be asked some questions about your health history to make sure you are a good candidate for the treatment.

Your injector will observe your muscle activity so that she can determine your optimal dose – this is the number of “units” you will require.  Because Botox is a customized treatment, the number of units will vary from patient to patient and injection sites. Therefore, just because your friend got a great result with 20 units, it doesn’t mean you will get the same outcome with the same number of units. It all has to do with facial anatomy and the strength of your muscles.

Botox Treatment

Botox is administered via a series of injections using very tiny needles. At most, you will feel several small pinches, or you may feel nothing at all. The treatment will only take 5-10 minutes, and you will be on your way.

Immediately after the treatment, the injected area may be slightly red or bumpy, but this is temporary and usually resolves within a few minutes. Avoid rubbing the area, lying down, or doing intense workouts for the next four hours – otherwise, you can return to your normal activities.

Do not be disappointed when looking in the mirror the next day and find that facial wrinkles look exactly the same. On average, Botox takes 3 to 5 days to start working, with full results occurring within two weeks.

During this time you will gradually see your wrinkles improving until they are a thing of the past!  The best part is that you will find you still look like yourself – albeit a softer, more refreshed version of yourself. And after two weeks, you will be invited back for a follow-up visit so that your injector can review your results and dosing.

After your Botox treatment

After about three months, the effects of your Botox treatment will start wearing off and you will see a slow but gradual return of your wrinkles. This is a reminder that it is time for your next appointment. It is a good idea to keep up with your Botox treatments every 3 to 4 months in order to maintain your refreshed appearance. Many patients consider it a routine maintenance treatment, just as they do their haircuts and manicures.

If you are interested in trying Botox for the first time, please book a complimentary consultation with one of GraceMed’s qualified nurse injectors. They will happily answer all of your questions and help you make the right decision for you.