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Influencers, celebrities, and social media mavens are among the thousands of women who are choosing to explant (remove) their breast implants. This is a very personal decision and each patient’s personal experience is unique. Dr Rice is a renowned En Bloc Capsulectomy Explant surgeon in Canada and will help guide you through the process and help achieve the appearance that best supports your well-being and overall health.  

GraceMed’s Dr. Sean Rice Explains En Bloc Explant.

When you had your original breast augmentation, implant removal probably never crossed your mind. The removal of your breast implants is performed for various reasons including capsular contracture, calcium buildup, cancer, infection, BII, rupture, personal health concerns and painful discomfort.

Watch as Dr Rice explains the En Bloc Capsulectomy procedure. 

What is En Bloc Capsulectomy?  

When implants are placed, typically a naturally forming capsule develops around it. The En Bloc procedure removes this capsule or surrounding tissue with the implant intact inside the scar tissue to ensure anything in contact with the silicone outer shell of the implant is completely removed. If there is concern about the integrity of the implant, the En Bloc procedure ensures the removal of any free-floating silicone within the capsule preventing exposure to the rest of the body cavity. The capsule comes out with the implant still inside. 

Reasons for Breast Implant Removal?   

Breast implant removal surgery (Explant) is a personal procedure. It should be performed if you have capsular contracture (hardening of the breast), pain with implants, imaging has shown a leak of the capsule, and/or if you no longer desire implants or wish to exchange them.  

Top reasons for En Bloc Explant:

  • Implant complications 
    • Implant Rupture – Both Saline and Silicone Breast Implants
    • Capsular Contracture – Hardening scar tissue around the implant that causes pain 
    • Implant displacement – Implant moves out of the breast pocket
  • Aesthetic changes
    • Not happy with your breast implants or the way they look 
    • Weight and lifestyle changes 
    • A feeling of returning to their natural selves 
    • Health and BII (Breast Implant Illness Issues) – BIA-ALCL
    • Sore back and body
    • Symptoms of BII – Brain Fog, tiredness, pain, fatigue, memory loss, breathing issues, rashes, anxiety & more 
    • Concerns regarding implant recall

Am I a Candidate for Breast Implant Removal?  

Any individual who wishes to change/remove their breast implants and are in good health are ideal candidates for the En bloc Capsulectomy   

What are the benefits of En Bloc Capsulectomy?

  • Feeling better about your self and your health
  • Feel the natural softness of your breasts, feeling comfortable being natural again
  • Being comfortable sleeping via changing sleep positions
  • Better body image and confidence booster 
  • Reduced stress 

What should I expect after breast implant removal surgery?  

It is common for women to be concerned about the look and shape of their breasts after an En Bloc procedure. Many women ask about Breast Lifts and/or Fat Transfer to help reshape their breasts. Dr Rice will help women determine the most suitable procedures for them individually in achieving their desired aesthetic outcome. 

En Bloc Capsulectomy cost

This procedure costs can vary based on patients needs.

Dr Sean Rice, B.A.(Hons), M.D., M.Sc., F.R.C.S.C., is a renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeon, a leading authority on age management, and is widely recognized for his published articles in Canadian and international medical journals.  

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