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Most unwanted skin spots, warts, bumps, and growths (clinically known as benign lesions) are made up of cells. But they can be tricky to treat, so “how” you do it matters. It’s time to find out about the CellFX procedure. How this innovative new procedure works can help make a clear difference in how you look and feel. Currently available at GraceMed Dermatology in Oakville.

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GraceMed | Cell FX | Oakville Dermatology
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GraceMed | Cell FX | Oakville Dermatology

CellFX in Oakville

What is CellFX and what does it do?

The CellFX procedure is an innovative option to clear common skin conditions, such as benign spots, bumps, or growths known as lesions. Most common skin lesions are made up of abnormal cells. The CellFX procedure clears cells in the treatment zone while sparing the surrounding non-cellular dermis (layers of skin tissue) – helping to prevent unnecessary damage and to minimize the risk of scarring.

An elegant innovation for common skin problems

Warts and unwanted bumps can be tricky to treat, so “how” you do it matters. CellFX is the solution for unwanted warts and bumps.

Clears the bad. Keeps the good icon Clears the bad. Keeps the good.
Clears the cells that cause the problem while sparing healthy collagen.1-4
Reduces risk of scarring icon

Reduces risk of scarring
Non-thermal procedure helps prevent damage to non-cellular collagen.1-4

A clear difference icon A clear difference
Innovative technology for a difference unattainable with traditional methods.

Fast and easy procedure
Quickly return to normal activity.

Multi-application procedure icon

Good for a broad range of skin conditions
Proven results on different lesion types and sizes on the face, forehead, neck, back, hands, and feet.1-4


How does CellFX work?

The CellFX® procedure is unlike any other! It works by addressing the cause of non-genital warts: the cells that are infected with the Human Papillomavirus.

The CellFX System uses an entirely new energy modality called Nano-Pulse Stimulation (NPS™) technology that uses ultrafast, high-amplitude electrical energy pulses to clear cellular structures while sparing surrounding non-cellular dermal foundation.


  • Affects cells and only cells
  • No effect on non-cellular collagen foundation


  • Ability to reach cellular structures in the treatment area per tip selection
  • Naturally seeks where abnormal cells stop and healthy non-cellular dermis begins


  • Non-thermal energy is completely unlike any other modality, including lasers, cryo, and RF
  • Minimizes risk of thermal damage, helping to provide favourable healing response

How many CellFX treatment sessions will I need?


CellFX warts treatment and other skin lesions clear with one to two treatment sessions. Your GraceMed dermatologist will provide you with more information about the number of treatment sessions you need, which is based on the type of lesions you have and where they’re located on your body.

What does CellFX treatment feel like?

During the CellFx procedure, the patient may feel a mild tingling sensation while the energy pulses are being delivered.  The patient can and may also experience minor muscle twitching. Because the nervous system communicates and functions via electrical energy signals, twitching is not an unusual reaction.

Am I required to set aside any downtime?

Generally, most patients can immediately return to normal activity. Your doctor may recommend wearing a small bandage and/or ointment to protect the area during the initial healing process.

Who is an ideal candidate for the CellFX treatment?

Most patients who have unwanted warts, or moles are good candidates for CellFX.

CellFX treatment overview

Anaesthesia: None or local
Procedure duration: 15 Min per treatment
Pain level: 0-1
Recovery time: None
Resumption of physical activities: Immediate

CellFX treatments are offered in this GraceMed Clinic:

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GraceMed | Cell FX | Oakville Dermatology
GraceMed | Cell FX | Oakville Dermatology
GraceMed | Cell FX | Oakville Dermatology
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What is the CellFX System?

The CellFX® System is a multi-application platform designed to address a broad range of dermatologic conditions, notably the clearance of benign lesions. The CellFX System powered by Nano-Pulse Stimulation™ (NPS™) technology is used for clearing difficult-to-treat
warts and benign lesions comprised of cells.

How is the CellFX procedure different from other ways to clear lesions?

The difference with the CellFX procedure is that it affects cells and only cells. This means it can clear the lesion – which is primarily comprised of cells – without affecting the surrounding non-cellular collagen structure of your skin.

The science behind the CellFX procedure is called NanoPulse Stimulation™ (NPS™) technology. NPS technology is based on non-thermal energy, which means it does not generate heat or cold. Other methods such as burning, freezing, or cutting involve unnecessary destruction of surrounding skin tissue in removing a lesion, which can lead to slower recovery times and risk of scarring or other permanent undesired effects.

The ability to affect only cells using a non-thermal energy provides your doctor unique control in clearing the lesion. All these beneficial differences can help minimize the risk of scarring, lessen the chance of lesion recurrence and support a better healing process.

Can multiple lesions/warts be treated in one procedure?

Yes, multiple lesions/warts may be treated in one procedure session. Each lesion can be treated in
a matter of seconds, so it’s practical to treat multiple lesions in a single 15-minute procedure. Your doctor will
design a treatment plan that works for you.

Lesion and bump removal near me?

The CellFX procedure is available in our Oakville Dermatology Clinic and available to patients in the surrounding areas of Burlington, Oakville,  Hamilton and Milton

What should I expect during a CellFX procedure?

Your doctor can explain that individuals experience energy-based procedures differently. This experience can range from no sensation to tingling or twitching and can vary depending on the location of your lesion, individual sensitivity, anesthesia used, and response to anesthesia. After your doctor numbs the lesion area, the treatment tip will be placed on top of the lesion. You may feel pressure from the microneedles of the treatment tip. Your doctor will then begin a series of rapid energy pulses (a “cycle”) that will be delivered to the lesion area. This delivery lasts about 10-15 seconds for each lesion area.

During the procedure, you may feel a mild sensation while the energy pulses are being delivered.* You may also experience minor twitching. Because the nervous system communicates and functions via electrical energy signals, twitching is not an unusual reaction. These potential reactions are temporary and should subside after the cycle is complete. If you feel discomfort, let your doctor know and your doctor may choose to administer additional anesthesia.

*With the use of local anesthesia, patients reported feeling no to mild pain during the procedure (average pain score of 2 based on a scale of 0-10, with 0 being “no pain” and 2 being “mild pain”)

Is there any special preparation for CellFx in Oakville?

Prior to the procedure, there is typically no special preparation needed, unless specified by your GraeMed doctor. For instance, for facial lesions, your doctor may recommend removing makeup prior to your appointment.

When will I see results?

Lesions/Warts typically clear within 30-60 days. As the lesion/wart clears and new cells regenerate to form a new skin layer, the gradual return to normal skin appearance can take between 60-90 days.

Your doctor will advise what the normal healing time would be for the particular lesion type and your skin type. Larger or deeper lesions may require longer periods of time to complete the clearance and healing process.

How much does a CellFX procedure cost?

The CellFX procedure is a cash-pay procedure and the cost will vary, based on the number of lesions. Consult with your GraceMed Oakville Dermatology team for more detailed information.

Wart removal near me?

The CellFX procedure is available in our Oakville Dermatology Clinic and available to patients in the surrounding areas of Burlington, Oakville,  Hamilton and Milton

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