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Many people experience an infection in the top layer of the skin, known as common warts. They can transmit by touch and are generally caused by viruses in the family of human papillomavirus, or HPV. Some warts disappear independently, but it can take months or years for that to happen. However, some warts don’t go away on their own and require treatment.

Some people may also notice other growths appearing on their skin. Many of these growths are harmless. But some of them, if left untreated, can affect your health or hinder your confidence.

skin survey found that skin insecurities significantly impact mental health. In fact, 58 percent of respondents said they’ve even had social anxiety due to bad skin in the past.

These skin conditions are made up of cells and can be tricky to treat without proper knowledge. An effective solution available today is the CellFX treatment, an energy-based method of clearing warts and other skin conditions. CellFX clears many unwanted bumps and growths, replaces affected cells with healthy ones, and creates space for healthier skin to grow.

If you’re considering CellFX treatment, you must consult a licensed medical provider for the best results. GraceMed has medical spas across the GTA, and you can visit the Oakville Dermatology location for this service and speak to a specialist and learn how CellFX can help your skin condition. Our team of highly experienced physicians at our Oakville location have been providing the highest level of dermatology care for over 40+ years, allowing them to help you understand the CellFX procedure and determine whether the treatment is right for you. Patients can also enjoy other treatments at GraceMed’s medical spa in Toronto and other locations.

What Are Common Skin Growths?

Some skin growths include common warts, moles, freckles, skin tags, benign lentigines, and seborrheic keratosis. Some of these are considered common skin conditions, while others may take a severe turn if left untreated. Although these are non-cancerous conditions, a mole is sometimes examined for cancer if changes are detected.

Some of these common skin growths can alter average genetic skin growth and function through discoloration or skin pigmentation disorders. An individual from any age group can get these common growths, but it can look different for each person, depending on the type of lesion and its cause. Not all these growths require treatment, but it might be time to consult a medical professional if you notice secondary symptoms, such as physical or mental discomfort.

What is CellFX Treatment?

CellFX treatment is the procedure that some medical clinics use to target warts and other dermatologic conditions. Every patient’s experience can vary depending on the lesion’s location, individual sensitivity, anesthesia technique used, and response to anesthesia. While using CellFX to clear warts, GraceMed promises to offer unrivalled value across an expanding spectrum of future clinical applications.

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How Does CellFX Treatment Work?

CellFX treatment uses an innovative technology called nano-pulse stimulation (NPS), which delivers quick pulses of electrical energy into the treatment area, causing the cells to begin a process of Regulated Cell Death (RCD). NPS energy gradually clears the cells through the body’s normal metabolic process by targeting the skin problem at the cellular level. NPS only targets the treatment area, leaving the surrounding skin tissue untouched.


CellFX doesn’t require you to make extensive changes to your lifestyle before. After you consult a medical specialist to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for CellFX treatment, the clinic will provide you with a guideline to best prepare for the procedure. Cleansing the lesion area with an alcohol wipe is sufficient for most patients.

On the day of the procedure, the doctor will measure and mark the treatment area before they begin. Each lesion treatment area will be numbed with a local anesthetic injection, and the doctor will customize your procedure based on your skin condition.

During the Procedure

You may feel a mild sensation or experience minor twitching during the procedure. Since your nervous system communicates and functions via electric signals, twitching is normal. This reaction will subside after the procedure is complete.


The healing process can vary by individual depending on the size, location and type of growth, and skin type. Most patients can resume regular activity immediately after CellFX treatment. Your doctor will provide you with guidelines to follow after the procedure for best results and a speedy recovery.

To maintain the results of the CellFX treatment and keep the treated area safe in the future, you may need to switch up your skincare routine. GraceMed offers medical-grade skin care in Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, and other cities around the GTA to help you take care of your skin. These dermatologist-approved products and formulations deliver quicker and more effective care and results and are sold and used only in medical spas, dermatologist offices, or skin clinics.

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What Lesions Can CellFx Treat?

CellFX is an innovative procedure that provides a solution for numerous skin conditions.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

‌Sebaceous hyperplasia is a skin condition that develops when your sebaceous oil glands produce too much oil that gets trapped under the skin and cause bumps. It becomes more prevalent with age but can also occur due to a genetic condition called Muir-Torre syndrome, a form of Lynch syndrome characterized by sebaceous (oil gland) skin tumours associated with internal cancers.

The condition isn’t typically harmful, but some people seek treatment for cosmetic purposes. CellFx treatment is one of the most effective procedures as it treats the skin at a cellular level. The NPS energy from CellFX penetrates the skin and allows room for healthier, new skin.

Common Warts

Common warts are small growths that occur due to an infection on the top layer of the skin, usually caused by viruses and transmitted by touch. These warts usually appear in contact with damaged or cut skin and are mainly found on the hands-on fingers but can also appear in other body areas. They usually appear grainy but can also feature a pattern of tiny black dots.

It’s important to identify common warts by looking out for symptoms, such as raised skin growths, oval or round shape, rough to the touch, or speckled with black dots. You may require medical attention to treat common warts when they cause discomfort, change colour, or have a weakened immune system.

CellFX can safely treat common warts by targeting where warts appear. Due to the nature of the technology, the surrounding skin will remain unharmed. However, the procedure is not viable for genital warts.

You must meet the inclusion criteria to be a suitable candidate for common warts treatment with CellFx. Some requirements include having a minimum of two cutaneous non-genital warts and agreeing to refrain from using all other wart removal products or treatments.

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Seborrheic Keratosis

Seborrheic Keratosis, also known as liver spots, is a typical non-cancerous skin growth that usually appears brown, black, or light tan. The lesions look waxy or scaly, slightly raised, and usually develop on the face, neck, or back.

This type of growth isn’t typically harmful, but you may want to treat the condition if they get irritated by clothing or affect your confidence. CellFX can treat the area with ultrafast high-amplitude electrical energy pulses by clearing cellular structures while sparing surrounding non-cellular dermal foundation.


General skin atrophy occurs when there is a reduction in epidermal and dermal thickness. Changes in the skin leading to atrophy develop due to prolonged exposure to steroids. The first step to treating atrophy is discontinuing potency topical corticosteroid use and refraining from using harsh skin regimens or products that minimize the potential for further trauma, skin sensitivity, and potential infection.

Depending on the degree of the condition, atrophy can be safely treated with CellFX. It is essential to consult a medical professional to determine which treatment best suits your skin.

Although CellFX is the ideal solution for warts, other treatments might be more suitable for certain growths and can also improve the overall condition of your skin after your skin has healed from CellFX. For example, Thermage treatment can be beneficial for many individuals who want to address the visible signs of aging within minutes. The non-invasive procedure can help smooth, tighten, and contour skin for an overall younger-looking appearance.

Benefits of CellFX Treatment

CellFX is a versatile treatment that uses advanced technology to address various skin conditions. It can be beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Reduces Risk of Scarring

The non-thermal procedure helps prevent damage to non-cellular collagen, reducing the risk of scarring. CellFX safely treats the affected area, allowing the cells to replenish and grow healthier without complications and scars.

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Targets Affected Cells

Instead of working on the skin around the affected area, CellFX targets the cells that cause the problem while sparing healthy collagen. This ensures that the surrounding skin remains unharmed. The production of collagen slows down as you age, so it can be beneficial to take supplements or seek treatment to encourage production.

Collagen plays a critical role in strengthening skin, as well as in hydration and elasticity. It keeps the skin from sagging, allowing you to achieve a youthful look. If your skin starts to get loose or saggy, look into skin tightening procedures to help replenish your skin and reverse signs of aging. Non-surgical skin tightening treatment helps to stimulate collagen and firm the skin without downtime.

Uses Innovative Technology

CellFX treatment uses a new energy modality called Nano-Pulse Stimulation (NPS) technology to work deeply at the cellular level where the skin problem resides. The advanced technology safely uses ultrafast electrical energy pulses to alter the cells that cause warts and growths. Due to the treatment’s effectiveness, you’ll notice a significant difference in your skin that may be unattainable with traditional methods.

Works on Multiple Skin Conditions

CellFX works on different types and sizes of lesions on the face, forehead, neck, back, hands and feet. According to an evidence-based review, NPS technology has a 75.3 percent clearance rate for common cutaneous warts (verrucae). Along with this common skin lesion, CellFX does an excellent job at treating many other skin conditions, such as seborrheic keratosis and sebaceous hyperplasia.

Quick & Simple

The CellFX procedure typically takes 15 minutes or less, depending on the number of lesions. The healing process and recovery time can vary among patients, but most people can usually resume normal activities immediately after treatment.

Since CellFX is a quick procedure, it allows you to try out other treatments around the same time. For example, if you’ve been considering other procedures, such as dermal fillers, you might be able to book your appointment the next day or within the same week, depending on your doctor’s suggestions. There are many different types of dermal fillers available at GraceMed, allowing you to pick one that best suits your aesthetic needs.

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The Prevalence of Medical vs Cosmetic Treatments

As GraceMed continues to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals by reducing the appearance of warts, we are also seeing a rise in treatments that can treat both cosmetic and medical concerns. By offering a range of treatments to address various medical concerns, our team can help patients live a better quality of life.

Cosmetic treatments like CellFX give people the confidence to become more social as it can reduce insecurities caused by warts. Similarly, treatments like EMSELLA also help people regain confidence. By using EMSELLA for urinary incontinence, you can gain more control of your bladder when you notice the inability to stop urination from happening.

Urinary incontinence usually occurs when there is a problem with the muscles or nerves responsible for helping the bladder hold or pass urine. This can cause physical discomfort, unlike some types of growths and warts. However, both these issues have the power to impact one’s confidence and prevent people from socializing. If you’re looking for EMSELLA in Toronto or surrounding areas, you can visit a GraceMed clinic in Oakville. The treatment will help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, allowing better control over your bladder.

The demand for cosmetic and medical surgery is booming due to its many advantages. Specialized treatments with modern technology allow people to address cosmetic or medical concerns safely.

Why Choose GraceMed?

GraceMed provides patients with the flexibility to visit a number of clinics, depending on your location and treatment needs. We help our patients make informed decisions about treatments by offering a diverse range of options and thorough consultations with specialists.

If you’re thinking about removing warts, book your appointment today to learn how CellFX treatment can help your skin and confidence!